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Zhang Zai's Philosophy of Qi

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<span><span>Qi </span><span>氣</span><span> (“vital energy”) is one of the most important concepts in Chinese philosophy and culture, and neo-Confucian Zhang Zai (1020-1077) plays a pivotal role in developing the notion. An investigation of his philosophy of </span><span>qi</span><span> is not confined to his particularity, but sheds light upon the notion of </span><span>qi</span><span> as it is understood within Chinese and East Asian thought in general. Yet, his position has not been given a thorough philosophical analysis in contemporary times. The purpose of this book is to provide a thorough and</span><span> proper</span><span> understanding of Zhang Zai’s philosophy of </span><span>qi</span><span>. </span><span>Zhang Zai’s Philosophy of </span><span>Qi</span><span>: A Practical Understanding</span><span> focuses on the practical argument underlying Zhang Zai’s development of </span><span>qi</span><span> that emphasizes the endeavor to create meaningful coherence amongst our differences through mutual communication and transformation. In addition to this, the book compares and engages Zhang Zai’s philosophy of </span><span>qi </span><span>with John Dewey’s philosophy of aesthetic experience in order to make Zhang Zai’s position more plausible and relevant to the contemporary Western audience.</span></span> <br> <span></span>

Zhang Zai's Philosophy of Qi
  • Autor: Jung-Yeup Kim
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