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Traditional Fudokan Karate

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Traditional Fudokan Karate - My WayThe fundamental psychological and physical principles of KarateBy Univ. Prof. Dr. Ilija Jorga MD. PhD., 10th Dan, SokePublisher: Karl-Hans KönigThis book on Karate, written by Prof. Dr. Ilija Jorga now appears for the first time in English. It describes the fundamental physical and psychological principles of traditional Fudokan Karate. Fudokan is a concept developed from Shotokan Karate. It extends the traditional aspects of Karate as seen in Shotokan, Shito-Ryu, Gojo-Ryu and Okinawa-Te by adding knowledge gained from the modern fields of biomechanics and sport medicine. Fudokan means House on a stable foundation. The style was established in 1980 by Prof. Dr. Ilija Jorga, 10th Dan, Soke, one of the great Karate Masters of our time. Prof. Dr. Ilija Jorga is still today engaged in teaching and training in Europe and throughout the world. In this book he describes how to apply these principles in training and in combat, and explains their relationships and concepts.The book also lists all the Fudokan Kata, and describes and illustrates the Katas specific to Fudokan, such as Meikyo Nidan, Taiji Shodan, Heian Oi Kumi and Kaminari.Single volume: hard cover edition with protective jacketFormat: 220 × 170 mm236 pages, colorISBN 9783743127760Euro 29.90 To order, please visit www.shotokan-karate-dojo.com or online book stores like www.amazon.de or www.amazon.com

Traditional Fudokan Karate

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