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Мириады миров (Сборник)

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Mankind is lonely. In any case, it thinks so. Only one planet we have, the third in a row from the only star of our solar system, such as G2V, is a "yellow dwarf". Even its own satellite, the Moon is not properly mastered. Lonely and sad, to us earthlings, amidst the cosmic void. As if the last children not taken from kindergarten, whose parents are seriously late. Maybe this is why people, as children of small, are so inclined to invent friends for themselves. Like, we are not alone in the universe. Let the imaginary, and there, how to know, all of a sudden and the real will come. Or we to them ... Strelbitsky Publishing House is pleased to offer its dear readers a new (eighth) volume from the "New Library of Science Fiction" series - "Myriad of Worlds". Here everyone can find a story, a story or a story to their liking - from the classic, but relatively little-known works of HG Wells and to completely new things of famous Petersburg writers Elena Voron and Yulia Chernova. Things about our cosmic still ineptitude, whatever it may be. HG Wells "People like gods" "Ant Empire" Elena Voron, "Spy Passion" Andre Laurie (Pascal Grusset) "Radomekh dwarf" "Exiles of the Earth" Evgeny Sno, "Interplanetary date" Julia Chernova, "Dance in weightlessness" PNG, "Steel Castle"

Мириады миров (Сборник)

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