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Велий ветер. Книга вторая

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Lira continues her fight with the evil, but now she is not alone - Stribog accompanied by his brother Poswist, try to find the ruler of the nether world in order to get his daughter back. Will he manage to do it? The situation is complicated by the fact that everything happens on the Kudikin Island, on the earth among the ordinary people, about customs of who the desiring of revenge father knows nothing, whereas his opponent feels in the new conditions like a duck to water.

Велий ветер. Книга вторая

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  • Autor: Roman Kazimirskiy
  • Seitenzahl: 404
  • Format: EPUB
  • DRM: social-drm (ohne Kopierschutz)
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 06.12.2019
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