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The Puma sports car brand is a big success story in Brazil as it was Porsche in Germany or Ferrari in Italy. For eleven years, the Puma GTB was the most expensive car available in Brazil. The sports cars based on Volkswagen technology also benefited from this fact. The successes on the race track in the early years still have an effect today. Today, Puma - cars are driven in historic racing events all over the world - and even today, the Puma is still an exotic car on the roads outside Brazil. However, few people know that Puma did not only build sports cars. Little is known about the Puma camper, the Puma camper van, the Puma buses and also the truck division. Particularly interesting is the Eletron - a truck with e-drive, which was ready for pre-production in 1981. For the first time, the story of this worldwide unique automobile manufacturer is told here.Interesting for collectors of exotic and rare vehicles is the treatment of the model care. Over the years, the vehicles were optimized, adapted to the tastes of the time and to the legal framework. The knowledge about this is far from complete, but is made available to the general public here for the first time.


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