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Trumpet Quartet Score of "10 Romantic Pieces"

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<b>Trumpet Quartet Score</b> of "10 Romantic Pieces". Collection of 10 easy pieces of the romantic period arranged for &#xa0;Trumpet Quartet by Francesco Leone, very useful for recital of students of the first courses (score and parts available in series). Scan QR code (in cover) for audio demo or visit www.glissato.it product code: EG0911. <ul> <li>contents: 1. Largo from “New World Simphony” – A. Dvorák &#xa0;2. Theme from "Le Streghe" - N.Paganini &#xa0;3. Melody – A. Rubinstein &#xa0;4. Soldier March – R. Schumann 5. The Great Gate of Kiev - M. Mussorgsky 6. Theme from "New World Symphony" (IV mov.) - A. Dvorák</li> </ul> 7. Theme from "Symphony n. 1" (IV mov.) - J. Brahms 8. Theme from "Symphony n. 5" (II mov.) - L. van Beethoven 9. Theme from "Symphony n. 7" (II mov.) - L. van Beethoven 10. Theme from "Swane lake" P.I.Tchaikovsky.<br> &#xa0;

Trumpet Quartet Score of
  • Autor: Francesco Leone
  • Format: EPUB
  • DRM: social-drm (ohne Kopierschutz)
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 05.12.2019
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