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Water Polo the Y's Way

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CHUCK HINES enjoyed a 40-year career with the YMCA, during which hewas a strong advocate of the Olympic sport of water polo. He was a three-timeAll-America player, and he coached teams at three YMCAs that won nationalchampionships. His teams all started out at the beginning level, in small pools andwith insufficient equipment, and fought their way to the top. This book is the storyof those teams and their rags to riches achievements. The author has written twoinstructional texts on water polo and has served as chairman of national committeesfor the Amateur Athletic Union, American Swimming Coaches Association, andYMCA of the USA. He was an officer of the U.S. Olympic Water Polo Committeefor the Games of 1972, which found the American men bringing home the bronzemedal. His YMCA girls team won the gold medal at the Junior Olympics andcompeted at the World Womens Water Polo Club Championships in 1977. Inrecent years, he has been a historian for the sport, writing numerous articles for theYMCAs national magazine and the Water Polo Planet web-site. Now retired anda member of the Western North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame, Mr. Hines and hiswife Lee and family members reside in Asheville, North Carolina.

Water Polo the Y's Way
  • Autor: Chuck Hines
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  • Erscheinungsdatum: 17.12.2008
  • Herausgeber: AUTHORHOUSE UK
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