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Аналитик командующего Полная темнота (Часть 2)

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In the second half of the fifth millennium in the universe war broke out between Andromeda and Cassiopeia on the one hand and the constellation of the Charioteer on the other. A long confrontation required huge human resources. Allied industry produced new combat spacecraft and reinstated the damaged in combat, much faster than flying schools had time to prepare astronauts for them. To cover the deficit of combat pilots, the command of the fleet of Andromeda decided to return to life the flight crew, which is in cryogenic storage. One of the pilots returned to life was a former mercenary from the story "Total Darkness", introduced into a coma, more than two thousand years ago, after an unsuccessful ejection from a training fighter. To the surprise of the command, this "cannon fodder" managed to survive the war and in the pre-retirement age switched to the service in the neighboring constellation Perseus. While waiting for the confirmation of the position of an astronaut-instructor, the Old Captain spends time in the garrison library of the planet Kalida, where he discovers the trace of the crime committed by the Andromeda government several centuries ago. Without thinking for a long time about the moral dilemma - whether kidnapping of stolen goods is a crime, the hero of the story is included in the search for invaluable radioactive material. In this he is involuntarily helped by the Advisor to the Commander of the Space Fleet of the Algol Star System, who convinced his boss to appoint the Old Captain as the Commander's Analyst.

Аналитик командующего Полная темнота (Часть 2)

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  • Autor: Yuriy Sobeshchakov
  • Seitenzahl: 163
  • Format: EPUB
  • DRM: social-drm (ohne Kopierschutz)
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 15.08.2018
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