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Science-Fiction- und Fantasy-Hörbücher
aus der Welt von PERRY RHODAN
und dem WARHAMMER-Universum der BLACK LIBRARY

Кикиморы бывают разные…

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In the ethnographic park-museum life beats with the key! Orcs, goblins, elves, centaurs, newly hatched dragons (see "Are dragons that are not people? .."). And now - a new entry: a kikimora. Only a capricious capricious caught: does not want to climb into the swamp, and before the presentation there are only two days ... Student intern Chris continues to solve the problems of the park-museum. You can not let the kikimore break the presentation. A capricious young lady can not be persuaded, but Chris's clever decision saves the situation. No wonder he is called Chris Magnificent!

Кикиморы бывают разные…

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